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Travel Mugs

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Travel Mug - Bike GearsTravel Mug - Bike GearsOur price: £15.00Or just £9.35 for our members!ViewThese insulated travel mugs, with their subtle design of bike gears, are perfect for the cyclist in your life.Available in:Travel Mug - Bike Gears InitialTravel Mug - Bike Gears InitialOur price: £15.00Or just £9.35 for our members!View This ceramic travel mug is a great personalised winter gift for cyclists who enjoy a hot drink on the go. Perfect for all types of cyclists, this travel mug will keep tea, coffee or hot chocolate warm on those chilly winter days. This travel mug with its bike gears monogram is printed from original drawings by Jane based off the gears of a bike and features a strong, bold initial. The design is available in a red or blue colour way so there is an option to suit the taste of the cyclist in your life. Available in:Travel Mug - Frida KahloTravel Mug - Frida KahloOur price: £15.00Or just £9.35 for our members!View Frida Kahlo is an inspirational figure for many - here she is on an insulated travel mug, the perfect way to start the day.
Travel Mug - Personalised 'Until it's Acceptable'Travel Mug - Personalised 'Until it's Acceptable'Our price: £15.00Or just £9.35 for our members!ViewA witty, light hearted and practical gift for the wine, gin or bacardi lovers in your life.Travel Mug - Personalised Floral InitialTravel Mug - Personalised Floral InitialOur price: £15.00Or just £9.35 for our members!ViewThe travel mug can be personalised with a floral initial. The original design is printed from an original watercolour by Jane Lindsey of Snapdragon.Travel Mug - Personalised Floral WreathTravel Mug - Personalised Floral WreathOur price: £15.00Or just £9.35 for our members!View A gorgeous feminine travel mug, the ideal gift for friends and family who like to drink their tea or coffee on the go.
Travel Mug - Personalised Gin LoverTravel Mug - Personalised Gin LoverOur price: £15.00Or just £9.35 for our members!ViewPerfect gift for gin loving friends and family - a travel mug to keep them going until it is time for their favourite tipple. Travel Mug - Sugar SkullTravel Mug - Sugar SkullOur price: £15.00Or just £9.35 for our members!View A fun skull mug - based on sugar skulls from the Day of the Dead in Mexico. Perfect as a gift at Halloween.
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