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Subscription boxesSubscription boxesThere are 6 products in this category.Free for membersFree for membersBeing a Member of Snapdragon Studio entitles you to a lot of free things. There is a monthly e-book, usually on how to create something like wreaths or floral balms. There are free copies of all artwork files for you to use to create things for personal use. There are free downloads of planners, poems and drawings. There are free patterns for knitting and embroidery as well as bunting, advent calendars and seed packets to print out and put together. There are free seeds from the garden. For themFor themThere are 183 products in this category.
For teenagersFor teenagersThere are 42 products in this category.For kidsFor kidsThere are 38 products in this category.GardeningGardeningGardening has been such joy to me for the past 25 years. Creating a garden here is something I get such a feeling of achievement from - whether it is sowing radishes in the raised beds or picking dahlias for the house and to give to friends. There is something so grounding being in touch with the seasons, nurturing plants, creating something beautiful. This is a selection of things we make or use ourselves which should appeal to the gardeners amongst you. We have divided our gardening things into 3 sections. Practical gardening . . . . . . . . . . . . Gardening style . . . . . . . . . . . . Children's Gardening.There are 25 products in this category.
What's NewWhat's NewThere are 26 products in this category.HalloweenHalloweenThere are 13 products in this category.Back to schoolBack to schoolThere are 20 products in this category.
Add OnsAdd OnsThere are 19 products in this category.CandlesCandlesThere are 5 products in this category.CreativityCreativityThere are 28 products in this category.
StationeryStationeryThere are 36 products in this category.Gift setsGift setsThere are 20 products in this category.Limited EditionsLimited EditionsThere are 14 products in this category.
Out and AboutOut and AboutCamping, Caravanning, Riding your bike or Swimming in the SeaThere are 29 products in this category.AnimalsAnimalsThere are 35 products in this category.Flower arrangingFlower arrangingThere are 3 products in this category.
FriendsFriendsThere are 23 products in this category.Initials and QuotesInitials and QuotesThere are 17 products in this category.

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