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Snapdragon blog

How to keep a tidy house (sort of)

one tidy spotI am not a tidy person.

Do you know what a fart egg is?

fairy egg and normal eggs Yesterday Euan found a teeny tiny egg in the henhouse. Slightly bigger than a mini egg, but otherwise a perfectly normal egg. The photo shows a hen's egg a bantam egg and then the tiny one.

Goats cheese with edible flowers recipe

Goats cheese with edible flowers This morning my friend brought me round a kilner jar of cheese from her goats.

The "Why" of the subscription boxes.

why do subscription boxesLast week Kayte Ferris, who is mentoring me at the moment, asked me why I was so passionate about launching subscription boxes, in what is a really crowded market.

How does she do it? - How we save you 50% on every order

alder gift setSometimes, when I tell people that members get up to 50% off all of our products, I can see them thinking "Well that must be a scam".

Making the cutting garden part 1

making a cutting gardenFrom 2001 until 2008 I sold cut flowers commercially.

Who do you give your power away to?

snapdragon online packagingYesterday someone told me that they thought that our packaging looked cheap.

Free hand embroidery - keeping my hand in

embroidered woolI really love freehand machine embroidery - it is a great physical craft, I love the continuous line, I love the flow of it.