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Store Cupboard Lentil Soup

store cupboard lentil soup


the importance of joy

Opening up the garden

snapdragon studio open day A couple of weeks ago we hosted a Snapdragon Studio Members Open Day. Members came and looked around the garden, ate cake, got to see the workshop and find out how we make things and took home flowers.

Drying honesty seedheads

preparing honesty

Making a grass wreath

making a grass wreath

Foraging for flowers

foraging for grass and other flowers

How to keep a tidy house (sort of)

one tidy spotI am not a tidy person.

Do you know what a fart egg is?

fairy egg and normal eggs Yesterday Euan found a teeny tiny egg in the henhouse. Slightly bigger than a mini egg, but otherwise a perfectly normal egg. The photo shows a hen's egg a bantam egg and then the tiny one.