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Who we are and what we do

snapdragon team


Snapdragon Online was my idea and I am now chief cheerleader, planner, and designer. I am the person who breezes into the workshop saying "wouldn't it be fun if …".

The business is based around my life - my love of dogs, gardening, vintage vehicles, long walks and good food shared with friends and family.

I believe that thoughtful, practical, well made gifts are important in life and that it is a privilege to be able to make a living making them for people.

I'm usually the person who is tweeting, instagramming, face booking and generally talking about stuff and I love to hear from you.

You can read about the gory back story of building the business here.

And may I introduce you to the rest of the Snapdragon team …


Valerie is the hub of the whole operation here, she runs the practical side of the business - turning my vision into reality, making sure that everything from materials and mug boxes, to couriers and dispatch labels actually works.

Without her skills many things we do would still be dreams.

She is often the person who will answer the phone and sort out any queries you have.

Julie & Val

Julie and Val are the Production Managers in the team - ensuring that the workshop runs smoothly and that orders are made with care and speed.

They are skilled in transferring my designs onto a range of materials and are responsible for us being able to produce such high quality products.


Fiona manages the dispatch side of the business - making sure that all your orders get made and sent out on time.

Her dispatch area often sounds like a short order restaurant as everything is always needed immediately!

In the afternoons she handles phone calls and emails.