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Personalised Grow Your Own Coffee KitPersonalised Grow Your Own Coffee KitOur price: £20.00ViewA fun gift for coffee loving friends or family - their own personalised plant pot and everything needed to grow a coffee plant.Personalised Grow Your Own Mojito KitPersonalised Grow Your Own Mojito KitOur price: £20.00ViewA fun gift for a cocktail loving friend - their own personalised plant pot and everything to grow their own authentic cuban mint to make mojitos.Plant Pot - Personalised CactusPlant Pot - Personalised CactusOur price: From £12.00View A fun and vibrant personalised plant pot with a bright image of a cactus and pot.Available in:
Plant pot - Personalised Child's DrawingPlant pot - Personalised Child's DrawingOur price: From £18.00ViewCreate a unique personalised plant pot from your children's drawings or handwriting - the perfect gift for grandparents, aunties, friends and teachers. Plant Pot - Personalised Face Plant PhotographPlant Pot - Personalised Face Plant PhotographOur price: From £18.00ViewMake some family time with the kids to grow herbs and plants in these personalised photo plant pots. This is the perfect gift for mums with a sense of humour!Plant Pot - Personalised Girl's HeadPlant Pot - Personalised Girl's HeadOur price: From £12.00ViewShow off your plants in style with our personalised girl's head plant potAvailable in:
Plant Pot - Personalised MonogramPlant Pot - Personalised MonogramOur price: From £12.00ViewOur ceramic plant pot is decorated with a pretty monogram letter in a choice of 4 pretty colours.Available in:Plant Pot - Personalised Speech BubblePlant Pot - Personalised Speech BubbleOur price: From £12.00ViewOur fun monochrome personalised plant pots are designed to be a great gift for a cook or gardener.Plant Pot - Personalised Teacher's GiftPlant Pot - Personalised Teacher's GiftOur price: From £12.00ViewGive your teacher a unique gift at the end of term with this personalised teacher's plant pot.Available in:
Plant Pot - Personalised Typewritten QuotePlant Pot - Personalised Typewritten QuoteOur price: From £12.00ViewIf you are looking for a gift for gardeners or cooks, this personalised plant pot is perfect for a kitchen windowsill to grow herbs or succulents.Plant Pot - Personalised We Grew ThisPlant Pot - Personalised We Grew ThisOur price: From £12.00View Our elegant monochrome personalised plant pots, with their personalised message, are a gift from children or grandchildren. Plant Pot - Romantic HeartsPlant Pot - Romantic HeartsOur price: From £12.00ViewShow your loved one how much you care with this romantic plant pot. The perfect Valentines gift, this pot is just the right size to pop on the kitchen or bedroom windowsill. It is printed with romantic hearts and the phrase "Let Love Grow".Available in:
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