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Wedding anniversary weekend.

wedding album

23 years ago, when I was 24, I married my best friend.

Looking back I am astounded at how young

we were, how confident we were that we knew everything,

how green, how callow, how terribly, terribly naive.

This weekend we celebrated our wedding anniversary with a weekend

away in Dumfries and Galloway - a child free weekend as Zoë

came home to look after Katie and taxi her about.


It was a weekend of grandeur, laziness, long baths, and sunny walks.


I was grateful that I am married to a man who will happily trail after

me for hours in plant nurseries as I ponder over choosing between

seemingly identical plants.

cally gardens

Euan was grateful that he is married to a woman who appreciates

the importance of watching rugby on an i-pad on a holiday weekend



We were both grateful that, by some fluke, we managed to make a

really brilliant decision all those years ago.

When we got home the girls had made us the album of photos that

is in the top photo.

There in that thoughtfulness is another reason to be grateful for

good luck.

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