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The "Why" of the subscription boxes.

why do subscription boxesLast week Kayte Ferris, who is mentoring me at the moment, asked me why I was so passionate about launching subscription boxes, in what is a really crowded market.

I'm not sure that I drew breath for the next 5 minutes and, after I had finished, she simply said - "You need to write all that down".

So that is what I am attempting to do here.

First I think I need to explain what I'm not doing with the boxes. I am not producing boxes of "stuff" - there isn't going to be fancy packaging or unwanted extras. I am made uneasy by cheap cracker-style additions put into many subscription boxes as padding.

I already have too much stuff in my life - I expect you do too.

All my effort is going into making sure that the boxes aren't just the 'same old, same old' craft kits that have irritated me though the years, that they aren't just 'stuff'.

Instead they will simply be the exact things you need to learn a skill and make something beautiful and, above all, practical.

What I am putting together in the subscription boxes isn't "just another craft kit" - I want them to be so much more.

They are your chance to be creative - maybe for the first time this year - they are the opportunity to create something beautiful for your sister or a friend far away, they are a way to slow down, to focus, to get into the flow and become more mindful.

They are living more seasonally, making space for yourself, letting ease into your life.

They are moving away from the computer screen, they are putting down your phone.

The skills I am choosing, the things that you will make, the effect that those creations have in the world, my intention is that they will remain long after everything in the box is used up.

Does that sound overblown? Too woo woo? A bit too much?

Possibly it does, but my aim is to make the lives of everyone who is good enough to buy from Snapdragon just a bit better, a bit happier, a bit simpler, a bit more creative.

Everything we do at Snapdragon already has those aims in mind, from designing mugs to answering the phone - but, in the subscription boxes, which feel as if everything else in this year of changing my business has led to them, I want there to be joy.

Kayte probably meant for me to write a more measured post - perhaps pointing out the seasonal and creative aspects of the box, the route into mindfulness, the taking time for yourself.

However this has become such a passion project for me, so completely out of the blue, that I suspect measured isn't going to happen around it any time soon.

The pre-order cart for the subscription boxes closes on 30th April. They will be made up to order and posted out on 15th May and some boxes may be available at a higher price after that date.

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