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The importance of pretty pyjamas

I was not a natural at parenting small children. I have very little patience, I like to move freely, I live in my head a lot, I hate noise.

It is fair to say that when I worked from home and looked after 2 girls under 4 I was not really playing to my strengths.

By the end of every day I would be wound up tight, absolutely convinced that I was the worst mother in the world.

It was then that I got great advice from a wise friend who had been through it all before.

"Jane" she said "Buy them pretty pyjamas". I think it may have been the best parenting advice I ever received (and I received a LOT).

For at the end of the day, when the day had been a frustrating mess of noise and getting nothing done, when I was unwashed and had gobbets of mush on my front, when everything seemed to be sticky, well then I had a solution.

I could bathe my babes and dress them in pretty pjs, brush their fuzzy hair and think - well I can't be that bad a Mum after all. Look at my angels ready for bed.

I thought of this when we decided to print up pyjamas with our designs - boxes and boxes of soft white cotton arrived and took me back to bedtime stories and night-lights.

The designs are so cute that my daughters - now glamorous teenagers - are pestering me to make adult sizes for them.

These Unicorn ones are the ones they would choose.

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Maureen on June 17 2016 at 23:17

Goodness! Those opening two sentences describe me perfectly! Nice to know itnwasn't just me! X