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Radical statements

jane lindsey in garden

I love my body.

Mine is a 49 year old body, that has been through pregnancies and miscarriages, operations and illness.

All of my life shows in my body. Yet it trucks on.

I love it.

This isn't a fashionable stance. I am risking judgements of arrogance and delusion, I know that.

But it is also one of the most radical statements that you can make as a woman in the twenty-first century.

So much of our culture is based on women hating their bodies, being ashamed of them, wanting to change them.

If we all genuinely started to love our bodies, to appreciate them, then so many other things would change in our heads. Treating ourselves better would come more naturally - sleeping enough, moving about and exercising, eating well, taking quiet time - all of these simple aspects of self care come from loving our bodies.

But most of all, competition with other women - one of the major curses of our surface obsessed culture - becomes irrelevant.

I think that maybe this becomes easier as you get older - I have heard thirty-something year old friends talk of comparing themselves to other mothers in the gym in a way that makes me want to weep.

Perhaps life teaches you with hard, hard lessons, that all bodies - any body - is precious.

Some days I do get frustrated with my body - the things it cannot do, the walls of exhaustion hit that it refuses to climb. But most days I celebrate that it keeps going, it can sing and dance and chat and can take me to all places I want to go.

I love it.

Stay in your lane, love your own body, treat it well, talk to it nicely.

More and more I feel that these are the things that change the way we live.

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jane lindsey in garden

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Lisa McNeill Ritchie on October 18 2018 at 21:17

Very inspiring Jane! My body image and function, is something I struggle with at times. In my 47 years I have been diagnosed with two auto immune diseases and the menopause. There are days that I struggle, feel tired and in pain, days that I feel great! Days that I love my body, and days that I definitely don't! But the older I get, the more I appreciate every part of me!

Wee K on October 19 2018 at 13:29

Thanks for this Jane. I'm 48 and looking to change my mindset towards my body and all the other negative stuff I think about myself. It's hard isn't it?

Snapdragon Jane on October 19 2018 at 15:30

Thanks Lisa - I wouldn't say that I never get frustrated with my disease - but actually I feel my body does pretty well coping with everything that is thrown at it.
I'm heading into menopause and finding it difficult to determine what symptoms are menopausal and what something else. I began to take Over 50s vitamins and that has made a big difference to some symptoms so may be worth a shot if you don't already take any. J x

Snapdragon Jane on October 19 2018 at 15:31

Wee K - I think everyone does find it difficult - but also worth it J x