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Not wasted on the young

teenage helpers

Today is International Youth Day - a day that celebrates the difference that young people of the world can make.

At Snapdragon we are very keen on our teenage team - exactly who is in the teen team changes from season to season and it waxes and wanes in size according to how busy we are - but it is never less than inspirational.

I have always been keen on employing teenagers - I worked as a teen and it was incredibly useful in getting me out of my head and into my life.

For it isn't just the skills inherent to a job that they learn but all those soft skills that they don't get to practise much at home or school or with friends.

They learn discipline, turning up on time, remembering their lunch, they learn cheeriness and how to make small talk with adults for hours at a time, they learn to ask questions when they don't understand something, they learn to talk about money and payment details, they learn how to timetable in the hours they ask to work around other commitments like homework and a social life.

And we learn too - we learn that teenagers are not the work shy, sloppy, eye-rolling creatures of the media (though judging from some parental comments, they may well be within their own families), we learn new, faster ways of doing things, we get a better idea of what we can do with technology.

We learn that these young people are the future of the world and that makes us very optimistic.

We will be taking on new teenage helpers from October - both after school and part-time (a job that could fit someone who is studying at college only a few days a week). The hours are always flexible - I let people choose which days/hours they work and, assuming that we can fit people physically in the workshop, we work around that where possible. I have 2 teenage daughters and I know that life gets busy.

You can get more information about what work we have from

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