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Have I left all the tabs open in my brain?

tabs open bag.

A few weeks when we were on holiday, Euan was the only person with data on his phone during the day.

That made it into a communal phone - used for maps, googling opening times and uploading photos.

The battery kept running down really quickly so the girls had a look. They explained that the problem was that he had almost every application open, the apps were hamster wheeling away behind the scenes.

Though they weren't actually doing anything productive, they were constantly refreshing, running down the battery, causing us to run out of maps.

I didn't even know this was a thing - when I checked my own phone later that night it had 56 applications open, whirring away in the background.

As I flipped them all up to close them I realised that it is not just my phone that has this problem - it is my brain.

Not doing anything productive, constantly going over the same things over and over again even though it achieves nothing, a feeing of needing to be ready at all times, all my tabs open, just in case.

That is a pretty accurate summing up of my brain.

As we hit the 'back to school' week here in Scotland I always get a rush of that "new jotter, new start" feeling - and it is the time of year that I am most likely to try and make resolutions.

This year I strongly feel the need to look at two aspects of my life, focus and energy.

It would seem that my brain not closing down all the tabs might be the answer to both.

Now I just need to find a way of doing that that will work for me. Joined a gym, put aside some extra time for meditation.

What do you do when your brain gets overheated?


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JD on August 25 2016 at 12:25

It's a great analogy - like my phone my optimum processing speed just goes with too many tabs open! I've learned to take a step back and breathe now, knowing that it all works out better that way. Or I doodle, write huge, extremely detailed and pretty lists or read. Then, mind rebooted, the world is calm again. ;D x