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Perfect gifts from budding artists

child's drawing mug

I strongly believe that the best gifts for children to give to people they care about are ones they have made themselves.

Gifts are about thought and caring, they are about showing love, and how better to learn about this then to make something special?

But I remember when my girls were little that this was a great idea, something I always intended to do, but in reality it was actually really difficult.

I would have great plans for thoughtful handmade presents, I would spend money on craft materials and baking ingredients, but in the end all the good intentions seemed to turn into a mess of glitter glue and disgusting peppermint gloop.

I am not a domestic goddess and I could never marshall my daughters into creating things that their grandparents or teachers would actually want to keep. A lot of the time we fell back on boring and meaningless gifts of chocolate or candles.

child's drawing mug

This is why we designed this range of children's drawing products - everything from baby-grows and bottle openers to tote bags and travel mugs - to make those special presents just a little bit easier.

Drawing is a nice self contained activity - it is a great, easy, tidy(ish) way to pass time - and if there isn't time to create something new, the parents of young children usually have plenty of drawings stuck to the fridge or in piles on the work-top.

What we do is turn these art works into professionally printed and practical gifts - plant pots, water bottles, cushions, notebooks - things that grandparents, aunties, friends and teachers will actually treasure.

It also has the advantage of seeming like magic to children (if you want to see a three year old's face light up give them a t-shirt with one of their own drawings printed on it) and there is a massive sense of achievement in giving a gift with their art on.

child's drawing mug

Last month we ran a drawing competition - in part it was to see what kind of drawings were sent in so that we could see how to print every kind of drawing - from a 2 year old's stick people to a 9 year old's careful shading.

We were amazed at the variety and skill of the entries and we decided to turn everyone's drawing into a product and make everyone a winner (we are still waiting on some addresses so if you entered and haven't received a prize yet it will be because we don't know where to send it - email and she will sort it out).

You can see the full range HERE

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