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Eyes on point


My life at the moment is full of teenage girls. And what gorgeous creatures they are. They chatter like birds and gather like butterflies. They are funny and articulate and heart breakingly tender.

Back in the 1980s, when I was teenager, 15 year olds didn't look remotely as glamorous as they do today. My make-up bag contained some waxy metallic blue and green eye pencils from M&S, an electric blue mascara and some baby pink lipstick put on over a white base. It was a look. It was not necessarily a good look.

Nowadays my daughters and their friends are all amazingly skilled at transformation, they watch YouTube tutorials and have bags full of amazing powders and creams to change them from fresh faced schoolgirls into smokey eyed glamour-pusses.
I hear some people tut at the teenage obsession with make-up and surface and selfies.

They see something sinister in the rush to grow up and the desire to look perfect, but I think it looks glorious fun - not much different in essence to the glitter shadow and pink gloss giggles of the 1980s.

I only wish that I had had the skills as a young girl - I wish that I had the skills now!.

eye mirror

When I was an art historian I had a bit of a thing for eyes - the over sized eyes of Man Ray and Warhol, of Fornassetti and Dali - for a while I had a slightly unsettling collection of eye themed postcards pinned to my bedroom wall - watching, taking everything in - it wasn't if I am honest the most relaxing decoration.

eye mirror

A few weeks ago these two ideas collided in my head - wouldn't it be fun to use those brilliant teenager high glamour selfies and crop them just down to eyes and print them onto handy handbag mirrors.
They would be useful, hyper personalised, slightly spooky, funny, witty - they would be the epitome of my favourite teenagers.

So I begged a few Instagram selfies and gave it a whirl and they worked as well as I hoped they would - you can instantly see who is who - they are timeless, glamorous, unsettling - yet when you hold them up like a monocle you just have to laugh.

eye mirror

Thank you to Jemma, Caitlin, Evie and Katie for allowing me to stalk their Insta and use their selfies.

eye mirror

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