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Artist Collaboration - Gabriella Buckingham

lion baby t-shirt

One of the delights of having a creative small business is that I get to meet lots of other creative entrepreneurs.

One of the delights of being the boss is being able to choose what we make and sell.

As soon as I came up with the idea for a membership site I knew that I wanted to be able to collaborate with other artists to give members a wider range of designs.

I also wanted to be able to introduce people to new designers and to make things that are out of their normal product range.

At the top of the list is Gabriella Buckingham - Gabriella has been illustrating children's books since the early 1990s and also has her own range of products under the name Inkpaintpaper.

I've known her for several years and have bought her beautiful painted horse signs for both my nieces.

Browsing through Pinterest, I spotted her amazingly confident and cute brush drawing of a lion and just knew that it would be perfect for our first artist collaboration.

enamel mug gabriella buckingham

I wanted to introduce a brand new range of gifts for babies and small children and the match seemed brilliant.

Luckily Gabriella agreed and fortunately the illustration wasn't licensed elsewhere.

We have put together a capsule collection which can either be bought separately - or if you have a special gift to get for a new baby then you can several things put together into a bumper gift box.

enamel mug gabriella buckingham

The nuts and bolts of artist collaborations is that we cover the costs of samples, photography, getting the design working and we then pay the designer a royalty per item sold. This is why the members' costs for artist collaboration products are slightly higher. I'm sure that you will think that fair!

I'm always keen to hear of new artists and designers so let me know of anyone whose designs might work well with our products.

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Rebecca on July 4 2017 at 06:00

I love this collaboration. Very generous and forward thinking on your part and introduces a new energy to the business. Gabriella's design is so fresh and bold, the range looks very contemporary and so elegant too.

Bex on July 5 2017 at 19:46

Such a gorgeous illustration! Great idea for a capsule collection too.