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A Seasonal Way - Pay what you want places


I have never been truly short of money. I have always had family who will help out if things get bad, I've been with Euan since I was 18 and it has pretty much always been 'what is mine is yours'. I have been incredibly lucky.

However, even so, there have been many times in my life where inside my head I have felt unable to spend money on myself. In my early 20s when I was on benefits for a while, holding out for a museum job; when I had small children and we were past maternity benefits; when I was ill in my 30s and did so little actual work that my business made nothing. I believe it is a very common thing.

£10 may seem like a small amount - traditional marketing would probably phrase it as 'Only 4 cups of take out coffee' - but I know that, when I felt that I wasn't contributing financially, I would never have bought those coffees, I would never have spent £10 on an indulgence for myself.

This is why I wanted to have a few Pay What You Can places on A Seasonal Way. A chance to take money out of the way- to stop it being the hurdle.

This is completely inspired by the many courses I have taken over the years where free or reduced places are offered - Marie Forleo's B School was the first place I saw it, but almost everyone I admire now offers something similar when they build a course or a workshop - it is a gesture that recognises that not everyone can join in at full price.

If you would like to apply for one of the places (there are currently 5) simply email me ( with 'pay what you can' as a email header. I don't need to know any details. We will chose people at random on 5th February after registration closes. I then send a PayPal link which allows you to choose whatever amount you like.

And if you know anyone who might benefit, please share.

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