Become a member of Snapdragon Studio to get fantastic low prices on all your gifts.

Lead time is 2-5 days at the moment depending on the size of order

How Membership Works

Snapdragon membership is simple – for just £10 a month, you can buy £150-worth (calculated at retail cost) of Snapdragon products at super-low workshop prices.

By workshop prices, we mean exactly what it costs for us to make the product, plus VAT, with no retailer mark-up or hidden costs.

On average this offers a saving of about 53%, but it varies from product to product.

We show the full price and the membership price for everything we sell, so you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying.

All our products are included; we don’t leave anything out, and we’ll be adding new products every month.

If you use up your monthly allowance, you can buy extra allowance.

If you don’t use up your allowance, it simply carries over to the next month.

The only exception is December, when there will be an allowance limit of £300 to ensure we can make and ship everything in time for Christmas.

It’s a great incentive to start your Christmas shopping a month or two earlier, and any remaining allowance will carry over to January as usual.

There’s no long term membership commitment – just a minimum of three months, after which you can cancel at any time.

There is a delivery charge for all orders, but it’s the same for both full price or membership orders. This is priced at the cost that we pay for packaging materials and postage - there is no built in profit.

If you have any questions about Snapdragon membership, you’ll probably find the answers on our Frequently Asked Questions section . Or of course you can contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.