Become a member of Snapdragon Studio to get fantastic low prices on all your gifts.

Dispatch is usually 2-3 working days. Please let us know if you are in a rush and we shall see what we can do.

The workshop is closed on Fridays.

How Membership Works

Snapdragon Studio is a completely new type of business.

The easiest way to describe it is that it is like having shares in a Studio, it's exactly like having shares in in my studio.

Everything that goes on here, from the meadow flowers that inspire my work, to the initial drawings, to the final products is partly yours.

On a practical level this means that we charge Studio Members exactly what it costs us to create products, completely without mark-up or profit.

This is usually a 50% saving on the retail price.

We will gift wrap for free, we will write notes in cards if you are sending a gift direct.

On a more quirky and random level, this means we have lots of seasonal perks that money just can't buy - there is a share of the seeds from the garden, exclusive illustrated e-books teaching seasonal projects and practical skills, a quarterly Members' Magazine.

We have 'mates rates' discounts for other designer makers' shops, we distribute our photography samples, there are free downloads and access to all the original art files for my designs. We get discounts on supplies that we pass straight on, we sell great chocolate at wholesale price.

If you are interested in supporting small creative businesses, if you want to embrace the seasons more, if you are up for trying out new skills, then Snapdragon Studio Membership is for you.

In my work I celebrate slow and seasonal living, the joy that being in touch with the seasons can bring to our lives.

garden at Snapdragon Studio

I live in Central Scotland, just within the boundary of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park.

I am surrounded by lochs and mountains, the weather changes hourly, the seasons here are at their most heightened - we go from hunkering down in the dreich days of mid winter to basking endless light of mid summer.

I have a productive garden - of cut flowers and vegetables - an orchard and a perennial meadow. Bantam hens peck around.

garden at Snapdragon Studio

I bring all of this to my designs, my writing and my photography.

I would love you to become a member and help me prove that a more soulful, more considered, retail business is a possibility.

What Membership Means

  • Discounts averaging 50% on all products
  • A 20 page e-book every month filled with simple seasonal projects (September's book is all about growing, harvesting and making soothing herbal remedies with Calendula flowers)
  • A 40 page members magazine 3 times a year with interviews, articles and previews.
  • Free downloads of artwork and design files.
  • 'Mates Rates' discount codes from fellow small businesses.
  • Annual Open Day.
  • Limited Editions created Exclusively for members.
  • First notification of all vintage products.
  • Free gift wrapping and cards
  • Photo samples
  • Shares in garden seeds/seed-heads.


If you have any questions we may have answered them HERE or you can get in touch with me directly