Become a member of Snapdragon Studio to get fantastic low prices on all your gifts.

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Frequently asked questions

Why did you start a membership scheme?

Our Snapdragon team of five have been creating personalised bespoke gifts for the past ten years.

We love our jobs, we love designing and making and we love connecting with our customers - because personalised gifts are so…well, personal!

But what we’ve wanted to do for some time is sell direct to our customers, and cut out the middleman. It’s easier for us and, more importantly, it allows us to offer our customers unbeatable prices.

As an added bonus, having a community of members makes it really easy for us to find out what our customers love, and what you’d love us to make in future!

With enough members on board, we can look at creating special limited editions, collaborations and making a whole load of really cool things.

Our members will be a huge part of our future growth and success, which is really exciting.

What’s the catch?

There really isn’t one - by harnessing the collective buying power of our members, and only making what they want, we can cut waste and offer incredible workshop prices, taking away all the layers of retail margins and added costs.

There is a three month minimum membership, which I guess you could call a catch, but the value on offer far outweighs this small commitment.

What do I get for my money?

Being a member of the Snapdragon club gets you workshop prices on everything you buy within your monthly allowance, and first dibs on a whole load of new products and limited editions from Snapdragon and other showcased brands.

You also get free access to a growing library of downloadable products and can sign up to receive gifts of photo samples.

You have the opportunity to sign up to receive personalised photo samples free of charge.

Is the Snapdragon Club a subscription?

No - Snapdragon is a membership, not a subscription - you get to choose when to buy and what to shop for, and we will only send you things that you have ordered.

Are there any restrictions?

Each membership comes with a shopping allowance, which limits the value of full-price products you can buy at workshop prices each month. This allowance rolls over and accrues from month to month and is available as long as you are an active member. Extra allowance can be purchased on an ad hoc basis is required in specific months.

The only restriction to how much of this allowance can be spent in a single month is in December, when only two months’ allowance can be spent at workshop prices. Because we make everything to order, we need to make sure we can cope with the workload and maintain quality and delivery times for Christmas.

How can you offer products at such low prices?

We’re hoping that the Snapdragon membership fees will eventually pay salaries and development expenses. By making products to order, cutting out waste, and avoiding retail middlemen we can pass on enormous savings to our members. By listening to what members want to buy we can be much more targeted in our product development and future plans, which makes our business more efficient and cost-effective.

Can I buy Snapdragon Products at full price?

Of course, and many people still do if they’re looking for a one-off gift. But it’s well worth having a think about the gifts you might buy in future, and whether it’s actually better value to become a member, even if it’s just for a few months.

Why can I see two prices for each product?

Each Snapdragon product has two prices - one a regular shop price for people who don’t want to take out membership yet, and a members-only workshop price for people who have signed up to become members of our club.

What is the regular price and how is it calculated?

The regular price is the shop price for our products - the price that they sell for in other places. It includes mark-ups for things like retail margin, commission, transport and marketing. Even at full price, we think our products are really good value.

What is the workshop price?

We’ve calculated the exact cost of making every product - materials, labour, packaging and VAT, and that’s the workshop price. It includes no profit or mark up.

I am a member - why do I still have to pay postage charges?

The workshop price doesn’t include shipping, that’s an extra cost that we have to pass on to you as there’s no profit for us to offset this cost against! We’ve tried to keep it as reasonable as possible, and keep it simple by making it the same for every order. You can save on shipping charges by ordering multiple items in one shop – a good way to make use of your membership allowance, which carries over each month.

What is my shopping allowance?

As a Snapdragon member you can buy up to £150 worth of goods (at retail price value) but at the much lower workshop prices - the shopping basket will work this out for you automatically so you don’t need to do the maths!

Why do I have a shopping allowance?

Snapdragon’s membership gives you access to fantastic products at a really transparently low workshop price - this doesn’t have a mark-up included, so doesn’t include the costs of technology, marketing, people, designers, photography, product development or customer service. We have carefully calculated what shopping allowance will make us viable as a business, and save you a massive amount of money, even including shipping costs and membership fees.

What happens if I buy less than my shopping allowance?

As long as you are still an active member your allowance will simply roll over into the next month and accrue. So if you spend £100 of your £150 allowance in May then your June allowance will be £200.

The exception to this is December where we have decided to restrict the available allowance to two months so that we can manage the increased workload in the run-up to Christmas. It’s a great incentive to get started with Christmas shopping in October or November, or spread it out over the year! Any unused allowance in December will simple roll over into January.

Can I buy more in value than my shopping allowance?

Yes - once you have spent your allowance you can buy extra allowance on a month by month basis.

How and when do I pay for membership?

Simply click on and complete your details – as long as there’s a membership in your basket, the checkout will work out your workshop prices so you can start shopping straight away.

Memberships will automatically renew at the end of the membership period, but you can opt out at any point after the 3 month minimum.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your next renewal simply go to your member profile and click the button to end your membership. Cancelling your membership means that any unused allowance will expire, so you might want to use it up first!